Join the Hub Leader Team!!

With some of our hub leaders setting sail for shores, adventures and pastures new, we’re looking for some new hub leader team members. If you’ve got fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm, and can keep FoodCycle Bristol’s wheels turning, pans sizzling, and Bristol’s bins empty and bellies full then we’d love to hear from you. There’s a number of different roles available, see below for all the details and how to get involved.

What’s the Hub Leader Team?

We’re a group of dedicated volunteers, passionate about tackling food waste, food poverty and social isolation in Bristol.

There’s lots involved, from managing particular food collection or cooking shifts to make sure our regular community meal runs every Saturday at Barton Hill Settlement, to working on community outreach, liasing with food suppliers and other organisations in Bristol, events co-ordination and much MUCH more. We have different roles, but actually all share responsibility, and take a collaborative approach to getting things done!

There’s some hard work, but it’s loads of fun too. You get to meet lots of new, great people, use and develop a lot of very useful skills (great for the CV and life), save food from the bin, support your local community, and party at our pop ups.

You also get to eat a lot of delicious food.

What roles are available?

We’re currently looking to fill the following roles – click through to the descriptions to see what’s involved for each:

Team Co-ordinator Role Description

Cooking Leader Role Description

Surplus Food Co-Ordinator Role Description

Community Outreach and Engagement Hub Leader Role Description

PR, Marketing and Communications Hub Leader Role Description

Interested? Great, please complete the form here  by 31st June.

If you have any questions then you can send us an email: , or (even better) ask us in person … sign up for a regular volunteer shift on the volunteer rota, and chat to the cooking or cycling manager to find out everything you want to know !

What next?

Please apply by the 31st June. We’ll be in touch, so look out for an email. We will be holding an info session and mini interviews at the beginning of July.



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