Pop-Up-Party Restaurant

pop up Jan 2016

Join us for the first Pop Up Restaurant of 2016 on the 27th of Jan! A beautiful evening of food, music, art and community!

Come down to the Kitchen in Bristol city Centre and enjoy a three course meal for just £6

And to top it off we have THE MACACO PROJECT in to give us some funky music and a bit of a dance after the meal.

And did I mention it’s BYOB?

Go to the following link and donate £6 to Foodcycle, leaving your name, to purchase your ticket!


Tickets ensure your place at a table for the three course meal, as well as the musical delights to come afterwards (see below). We’ll only be selling 100 of them, so don’t miss your chance!

Foodcycle are a nationwide charity combating food poverty and food waste. Check out what we achieved in Bristol last year in this little video!

Here’s to a more productive and better 2016! And what a better way to start than with a pop-up-party-restuarant!

The Evening:
From 7.00pm, we’ll be opening our doors for the three-course dinner. This is no normal dinner cooked by a stressed-out chef in a commercial kitchen. This is a lovingly crafted, vegetarian, triple course, ‘waste’ food dinner whipped together by happy voltuneers, interspersed with relaxing music and all in the great foodcycle atmosphere.. and don’t forget: it’s BYOB!

Food will be served from 7.30pm, so don’t be late!

Between courses we’ll be having short talks from local projects and charities that are doing really good work in and around the Bristol area. In no particular order:

The last pop-up lacked a significant explanation of who we are and what we do (must have been because the organisers were working so hard..) So this time round we’ll be discussing what we do, how things have changed in 2016 and new projects we have coming up – it’s very exciting. Here’s a taster of what you can get up to in Foodcycle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euBIUZfa6Y0

Oxfam attends many of the biggest and best UK music festivals. It’s a fantastic way to give your time and have a great time doing it. Whether you steward, campaign or volunteer in a festival shop, you will be joining a team of thousands, united by a love of live music, desire to have fun and to help others break free from poverty. http://www.oxfam.org.uk/get-involved/festivals

And finally, our auditory accompanyment to finish the evening:

The beautiful Macaco Project will be gracing the stage again for an after dinner sway, doling out their own brand of Neo-Soul Hip-Hop, inspired by the greats: D’Angelo and The Fugees. Hear this local, hypnotic music coming straight from the Bristol scene.

Check out their demos below:

Let your mouth and ears melt to the the best three-course, food-waste dinner you’ve ever had. (and burn it off with a boogie afterwards)



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