Tour de FoodCycle

From 6th -11th September FoodCycle Bristol hub leaders Alice, Cat and Hattie will be cycling from London to Paris and back (all 350 miles), to raise money for FoodCycle.

Along the way…

Because we believe that for real change to happen it’s just as important to raise awareness about the food waste problem, and to connect communities, as it is to raise money, we’ll be taking our trusty FoodCycle bike trailers with us.


We’ll be collecting, distributing and cooking surplus food along the way. We’ll be meeting up with people who are feeding bellies not bins in London, Brighton, Paris and Portsmouth. We’ll glean ideas, share stories, tips and experiences, and will have a big surplus food feast in Portsmouth on the way back.

Why Paris?

So why are we heading to Paris?

  1. A new piece of legislation has recently been passed in France requiring supermarkets to donate surplus food to charities for redistribution. We want to see how they do things in France, and meet some of the organisations that redistribute surplus food in Paris – what do they think of the new legislation, and what impacts will it have on their organisations?
  2. In December Paris will host COP 21, ‘the Paris Climate Talks’. COP21 is a crucial conference, as it needs to achieve a new international agreement on the climate.  We want to demonstrated that the road to and from Paris is a sustainable one, full of community initiatives, innovative low carbon solutions. We want to encourage and inspire environmental action.
  3. Paris is pretty lovely, and cycling through the French countryside is definitely the best way to get there.

Why FoodCycle?

You might already be aware that we all help to run FoodCycle Bristol.

FoodCycle is a charity with a simple yet incredibly powerful model that combines surplus food; volunteers; and spare kitchen spaces, to tackle food waste; food poverty and social isolation.

In Bristol, along with the rest of the team and the many wonderful volunteers we put on a three course meal every week at Barton Hill Settlement. We’re constantly spreading the FoodCycle message too through our education and outreach work.

Why do we need your help?

We need your help. We need your help because 15 million tonnes of food is thrown away in the UK every year. We need your help because over 4 million people are affected by food poverty in the UK.

We need your help because together communities can make a difference. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. We need your help to continue this fantastic work, and help to improve and grow the FoodCycle network.

You can donate here:

We massively appreciate all donations. Thank you.

If you would like to meet up along the way, or help out at the Portsmouth Pop-Up then please email:


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