Island Themed Pop Up Restaurant

Join us for the last Pop Up Restaurant before summer! An ISLAND-THEMED and delectable evening of food, music, art and community on Wednesday 27th May at The Station Kitchen.

pop upIf you want to put six of your finest pounds to a good cause, whilst purchasing yourself a one-way ticket to the food waste island-come-fire-station then look no further. If you want to volunteer – see below!

From 5pm (yes, that’s two more hours than last time), we’ll be opening our doors for y’all to come down and check out what we have on offer. Read on…

From 7.00pm, a three-course dinner will commence. This is no normal dinner cooked by a stressed-out chef in a commercial kitchen. This is a community crafted, triple course, ‘waste’ food dinner magically whipped together by happy volunteers and interspersed with roving jazz.

From around 9.30pm, the tables will move to make way for a right-old shake down, to some of the best self-proclaimed
groove driven fusion music from around the world!

*** The Courtyard – From 5pm ***

A stall from FoodCycle Bristol to showcase our work, give people more information about the hub and allow you all to get involved.

A recurring visitor and a loved project. We invited the £B back to the pop-up so you can sign up and keep the Bristol love in Bristol (because we know you forgot last time!)

If you know your bristolian food waste artists, you’ll no doubt know Mr Joe Munro. An artistic, food-loving watercolour warrior armed with a thin paintbrush and a unique style, here to show off his work.


Our good friends over at Feedback will return once again, this time showcasing the local Gleaning Network. They salvage thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on farms every year across the UK and Europe, and direct this fresh, nutritious food to people in need.

*** The Main Course – From 7pm ***

Remember the best three-course, food-waste dinner you’ve ever had? This will be better.

Enjoy the food alongside the horns and strings provided by the University’s own JazzFunkSoul Bristol Society. An eclectic mix of haircuts to complement your eclectic mix of flavours.

Let your mouth and ears tango.


One of our favourite new bands on the scene. They combine dub, afrobeat and hip-hop, sound like a re-worked Fela Kuti of the modern day, are slathered with a caramel voice and are punctuated with the occasional Portuguese chant – you don’t want to miss these guys. Oh, we also have a large PA to go with.

Grab tickets from: 

When all 100 are gone, they’re gone. All £6 minimum. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a steal at this price so please consider donating more to FoodCycle – to help it grow. It really makes a difference.

The volunteer rota will be up very shortly.

We love you (and food).


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