FoodCycle cater for innovative art exhibition!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or, because we’re in Bristol now and not in America, let’s say ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s r…r…ruddy good art?’ I may not have nailed the expression but Litterarti have certainly nailed the idea…

This past week the local art project have been hosting a number of free creative educational workshops centred around using waste in new and exciting ways. The exhibition, aptly named ‘A Waste of Space’, showcases all that has been put together by organisers, artists and participants from this week.

A diverse and fun range of sculptures, paintings and photography is on display aimed at inspiring a culture of recycling, upcycling and all-round sustainability. Their slogan ‘Transforming Litter into Art’ encapsulates this and squeezes together perfectly to give the group a jazzy, punny name of Litterarti.

FoodCycle Bristol have been cordially invited to cater for the day’s event. We will be cooking up some nutritious nibbly-bits using ingredients collected from our usual friendly donators. Canapés made from food which would normally be cast-off, fits in perfectly with the theme of the week, don’t you think? Sustainable food, sustainable art….sustainable fart! Let’s leave the puns to Litterarti, shall we?

So come on down to the Trinity Centre on Saturday afternoon 9th August to see all the fantastic pieces that have been collected from the week and to sample a little FoodCycle fare (we’re told there will be wine too!)

See Litterarti’s website for more info:


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