Bristol Big Give


This Wednesday FoodCycle Bristol collected food from The Victoria Rooms in Bristol.  The Food was donated by students across Bristol and sorted by volunteers at the Bristol Big Give.   Without the help of the Bristol Big Give these donations would not have existed, instead a total of ‘44 tonnes of clothes and goods’ would have gone to land fill.

IMG_0616– Items being sorted by Bristol Big Give volunteers at The Victoria Rooms

At FoodCycle Bristol we were able to fill our two cycle led trailers to the brim with dry goods to take to Easton Community Centre for our weekly community meals.  We massively appreciate this sort of donation; our weekly collections primarily consist of bread, fruit and veg.

IMG_0630–  FoodCycle Bristol volunteers taking the food to Easton Community Centre

As well as FoodCycle Bristol several Bristol based charities benefited from the hard work of Bristol Big Give volunteers including FareShare and One25.  Life Cycle specifically received bikes donated by students which they can use to input back in to the community through schemes such as Bike Back and The Family Cycling Project.

The Bristol Big Give is part of a National organisation ‘The Big Give’; a website that lets donors search for charities of interest in order to make donations go further.  This particular project has been an initiative in Bristol for the last 5 years.  In the past tonnes of unwanted items were wasted on streets and in landfill towards the end of Student tenancy.  This year donation points were set up in and around Student residence by early May.  As well as this numerous British Heart Foundation red bins were distributed across the city, in preparation for collections that culminated at the end of July.  Items were then sorted by volunteers over 3 days ready for charity collection.

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Elisabeth Thomas


– Bristol Big Give volunteers outside one of the British Heart Foundation red bins


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