Help Hussein

Help Hussein At FoodCycle Bristol we really value our regular volunteers, who come along week in week out and make the kitchen what it is. Hussein is one of those special volunteers. He comes from Chad and has been cooking with us every week for almost three months. We really appreciate his contribution, as he brings a great deal of laughter, warmth and skill to the FoodCycle kitchen. He is a very conscientious volunteer, and can be relied upon to be with us every week and to always put enthusiasm and attention into everything he does. He is an inspiration to us all. We are all very upset to hear that Hussein is facing an extremely difficult situation at the moment. He is being held in a detention centre and on 20th June he faces deportation from the UK.

You can read more about his case in the petition below, which asks Teresa May for him to be allowed to claim asylum here. Petition: Hussein Must Stay We have signed this petition and would like to encourage as many people as possible to support him too. We are very worried and would really like to see him back, safe and sound with us.

hussian 2 Celebrating 5 years of FoodCycle  

Some comments from hub leaders and volunteers about Hussein’s contribution toFoodCycle:

Hussein is ALWAYS smiling and brings a lot of positivity to the kitchen. He works really hard too. I am really slow at chopping the veg, and Hussein spent time with me, teaching me to chop like lightening, like he does (without cutting my fingers!)” – Katie (Community/ Education manager)

Hussein has always been a very nice, diligent, hard working volunteer. Always laughing and joking” – Dario (Cooking Manager)

He is diligent and always nice to people. He really likes to ride his bike too” – Sanghoon (regular volunteer)

“I was there on the very first week that Hussein volunteered in the kitchen for us, and I remember being struck by just how easy he made everything, by quietly noting what jobs needed to be done, and getting on with them on a smile on his face without asking me continually for guidance and tasks” – Ellen (Cooking manager)

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