Kicking off a new year of pop-up restaurants!

What a lovely start to the week, and for FoodCycle a new year of pop-up restaurants! On Monday 24th February, we hosted our first pop-up restaurant of the year, and had a really fabulous night – we hope you did as well.

As always, our inventive cooking team cooked up another three-course, healthy, veggie storm of culinary wonders! Armed with creativity and a whole load of surplus veg, our cooking managers Ellen and Nell, along with an army of eager veg-chopping volunteers, produced some gorgeous and interesting combinations. (I was particularly a fan of mango and cucumber salad, especially with a generous handful of fresh coriander!)

Spicy, fruity cucumber salad - mm mm mm.
Spicy, fruity cucumber salad – mm mm mm

Starter – Spicy, fruity cucumber salad with garlic bread

Main – Italian vegetable stew with potato

Dessert – Banana bread with fruit syrup

During the courses, we enjoyed some wonderful fresh local talent from Josh Evans and Sarah RK, which set a relaxing mood for the evening.

Our main focus of the evening was on promoting the ongoing work of FoodCycle to overcome the disparity between food poverty and food waste, as well as social isolation. A FoodCycle Bristol veteran, Jon, came back to visit us and gave us a charismatic and engaging talk on why he set FoodCycle Bristol up and what we’re all about.


It’s (sadly) getting to the time of year when all our managers are starting to think about what they’re going to be doing next year. Some of us are leaving, some of us are staying, and to quote pop-up manager Lizzie, “… some of us can’t be bothered anymore or whatever…”

What that means for you guys is that soon we will be recruiting for positions of the manager team for the next academic year. At the pop-up restaurant, each team in turn explained their role and position within the FoodCycle matrix. The teams are:

  • Pop-up Restaurant
  • Transport
  • Cooking
  • Community
  • Communications and Publicity
  • Co-ordination (Co-ordinator and Treasurer)

We all have very different, yet fulfilling and interesting roles, which utilise and develop different skills. If you are having a wonder about being a manager, why not try out volunteering and see how you like it? Or for more information, e-mail

Managers – old and new

We would like to say a massive thank you to all our guests and of course our wonderful volunteers for making it such a great night!

We’re back in a month’s time for 24th March – see you then!

Danielle Jackson


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