Nell’s Breadline Blog – Day 1 – Monday 3rd Feb

DAY 1 OF THE BREADLINE CHALLENGE….. Although I knew it this week would be difficult, the reality of living on such a tight budget only hit me this morning when I realised that snacking when I felt the first belly rumble was no longer feasible. Timetabling your food consumption on money rather than hunger was an odd feeling, even the smallest of treats had to be calculated into pennies and subtracted from the weekly expenses. Luckily I live with two other foodcyclers Lizzie Van Zyl and Jane O’Brien, so we pooled our money in order to buy in bulk and make bigger meals, our friend runs a vegetable box delivery company and he gave us a 10 pound box at the beginning of the week which will hopefully cover most of our dinners. It struck me how difficult it would be for single people as we managed to get a fair amount, specifically in the variety of food. I really noticed this in the difference between my lunch and breakfast (budgeted just by me) which was very plain and basic to our shared dinner which we all contributed a little to create a delicious stir fry.

Good haul.
Good haul!

We went to the bins outside a large supermarket near my house last night and got a massive amount of bread, grapes, spinach, potatoes and even some soya yoghurt! This challenge was to raise awareness for those in food poverty and the injustice of the massive amount of food wasted, something which was so clear when I saw how much food supermarkets leave and how many people could benefit from that being distriubted as a state organisation. Foodcycle does great work in establishing connections with these supermarkets to ensure that some of their otherwise wasted food goes to those who truly needs it, hopefully the attention that the breadline budget is getting will the people how pressing it is to understand the ridiculousness of the current food waste system and how charities like Foodcycle need all the support they can get! Good luck to everyone else, Nell Benney cooking manage

Illustration by Lizzi Thomas
Illustration by Lizzi Thomas

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