A whole loada FoodCycle fun at our first Student Restaurant of the year!

Last night was the first Student Restaurant of the year. And what an incredible night of scum-diddily-umptious culinary delights, some sweet sweet jazz, inspiring talks, organised chaotic running around and fun!

As we started setting up at 4:30pm already the kitchen were in full swing. Piles of vibrant fruit and veg covered every surface, the air was fragrant with the aroma of sautéed onion and an army of super salad choppers were busy at work. Meanwhile in the Coexist venue, we were setting out tables, enjoying some reggae tunes and using our inventiveness and resourcefulness to figure out how exactly to hang up artwork with minimal wall space and almost no screws…

After a few near stresses of not-enough-seating-oh-no-where-are-the-band-and-what’s-the-deal-with-the-guest-list, at 7pm the first of our guests began to arrive and suddenly everything ran smoothly like a well-oiled machine. No doubt the multiple cans of Country Cider helped with team morale 😉

Creating and improvising from the surplus food given to us by supermarkets and shops, on the menu last night was:

Starter – cucumber, pomegranate and mint salad

Main – Aloo Gobi surprise, lentil dhal, grape & onion chutney, raika and fried okrah

Dessert – Shortbread & fruit compote


The food was divine and very well received by both our guests and all the FoodCycle team! We managed to use up all of the food given to us which is great. No good food should be wasted.

Our music last night was provided by the super cool Reggae Soc and a quintet of musicians from BUJO (Bristol University Jazz Orchestra). As I was rushing in and out of the room with plates of steaming curry and Christmas smelling fruit compote, I very much enjoyed the snippets of music I got to sample!


Last night wouldn’t have been complete without our co-hosts BVDA (Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad), who not only gave an inspiring talk on their efforts to alleviate poverty in the developing world but were super helpful in both setting and clearing up. Thanks guys!


I would like to say on behalf of the FoodCycle team, a HUGE thank you to our volunteers! Without you guys, it just wouldn’t happen 🙂

Hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. See you next time!

Danielle Jackson


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