First steps towards our community garden!

On a wet October Sunday, a bunch of green fingered friends gathered to kick start FoodCycle Bristol’s new community project: the Easton Community Centre garden. The group was made up of a mixture of FoodCycle managers, volunteers and our community partner Matt from the Avon Wildlife Trust.

DSCN3843Before we started, the garden was disguised by a knotty, tangled mess of brambles and bracken which had grown absolutely wild. As a disused and wasted space, the garden was heavily littered with bottles, cans, some slightly less desirable items and some random pieces of junk including shoes, boots, a car radio, a lamp and a head lamp. Our mega litter pick resulted in about 15 bags of assorted recycling and rubbish! GROSS!

After the site had been de-littered, our attention turned to a session of extreme pruning. We cut back piles and piles of bracken and weeds which we placed over the fence to rot down over the winter. With the expert advice of a local tree surgeon, a few rogue trees were pruned back to a less imposing size.

Still the rain continuously and relentlessly poured down, soaking everyone through to the skin. Literally, pants and everything. Despite our discomfort, we laughed our way through 3 hours of wetness, worked like a well-oiled machine and achieved a huge amount too.

Once the wilderness had been tamed, a very sizeable garden was revealed with raised beds, a pond, fruit trees and other plants. Matt (Avon Wildlife Trust), who has several projects in the Easton/ Lawrence Hill area, and the community team have big plans for the garden. They would like to plant spring bulbs, create a wildlife habitat near the pond, have a proper compost bin (rather than just a heap) and grow wild herbs to use in the Sunday community kitchen.

Slightly bedraggled looking, we retired to the community kitchen for some well-earned food. The kitchen was really busy with loads of people enjoying the scummy menu of Italian potatoes & salad, Saag Aloo and Apple Surprise. Thanks cooking team! 🙂

We’re only at the start of our project but already the garden looks so much better, and it is really easy to see the potential.

Continue to keep updated with the progress of our community garden, and if you’re feeling green fingered and would like to be involved, do contact us or keep an eye on our rotas.

Danielle Jackson


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