The Community Outreach Tent @ Fusic Festival

On A glorious late summer day, the Community outreach project were given the honor of a spot at Fusic Festival, celebrating locally produced food and some local music talent.

Fusic-logo-300x254 “Our aim is to fuse together the community of Bath through an original event showcasing youth talent and food culture, in support of Julian House.”

The festival was a roaring success, the residents of bath and beyond were able to enjoy the fruit of the Fusic team’s labor.  They were a brilliant group of professional young adults who were involved in a project to improve their local community as part of the National Citizen Service scheme.  An excess of 1k was raised in support of Julian House.

It was an ideal setting for Foodcycle to share their hard work too.  Both of our Educational Food Games were well investigated by all ages.  Kids love the simplicity of Twisted, a game which was inspired by the well know twister, it is a great way to demonstrate the extreme distances food travels when it is not sourced locally.  Wasted hopes to enchant a slightly older audience, based on the game of life, each participant traverses the board through four stages of the food system hoping to hold on to their precious carrots for the plate finish line.

Children and families were enchanted over by the idea of some wonderful foodie face-paints, we were able to distribute some of our leaflets that give a great grounding in the 4 areas the Community Outreach Project hopes to investigate.  Fair Food for Farmers, The Environmental Story of food, Healthy food for everyone, Communities Against Food Waste.


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