FoodCycle Bristol and Bristol Equality Trust at Avon Organic Group

On Wednesday (4/4), FoodCycle Bristol joined the Bristol Equality Trust at an Avon Organic Group – a group of local organic minded growers – for a (pleasingly longer than expected!) discussion of the impact of inequality and food poverty in the UK and beyond.

The Avon Organic Group in action

Both Bristol Equality Trust and Bristol FoodCycle presented for twenty minutes each on the impacts of food poverty and inequality. FoodCycle also revealed some of the most shocking facts it could dig out on food waste (40-60% of all fish caught being chucked caused a stir…) to get people thinking about why it might be happening and how it could be addressed.

Avon Organic Group member James Bond (off duty, we imagine)

Finally groups broke out to discuss how Avon Organics could help prevent food waste, how FoodCycle could contribute to the upcoming Feeding the 5000 event in Bristol and if Kerry McCarthy’s new Food Waste Bill can be an answer to the food waste epidemic.

Bristol FoodCycle was surprised to find two hours had flashed by, a good sign for all involved.

Many thanks to Avon Organics for inviting us along!


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