Teaching the kids a thing or two – FoodCycle goes into Bristol school class rooms to bring through the next generation!

February and March saw FoodCycle Bristol branch out into local Henleaze Junior School to give an assembly and a series of workshops on food waste and food poverty in the UK.

The whole school packed into the sports hall for our assembly which featured the FoodCycle food waste rescue story told by means of a theatrical interpretation!

The five minute sketch was complete with costumes and followed the journey of a humble banana from Big City, Supermarket Avenue, narrowly avoiding a tragic end in the rubbish bin, only to be saved by noble FoodCycle volunteer Knights on Bikes who took it to its rightful home in a baked banana cake.

Cheers and boos rang through the hall as we issued some of the big food waste and poverty facts and told about some of the other brilliant initiatives going on around the country dealing with the issues.

At the end of the assembly we asked the pupils what they thought they could do to help and were amazed at the sophistication and depth of the answers – from eating everything on your plate, to writing to supermarkets asking them to give FoodCycle more of their food!

The feedback from the assembly was great and we headed back a week later to host some class room sessions on food waste in the UK.

Again the kids were massively impressive with their enthusiasm and basic knowledge of issues to do with sustainability and re-use, an encouraging observation indeed!

We ran a multiple choice quiz where we asked the classes to give a guestimate to questions like how many elephants would weigh the same as the amount of food wasted in our country every year and how many people live in food poverty in Britain.

Then we put them in the hot seat, splitting the classes into groups and giving them a limited selection of ingredients to cook up a meal with, they had to come up with the best ideas that they could. There was absolutely zero lack of imagination and lots of great new and surely slightly wrong recipe ideas came out!

To satisfy the kids’ own suggestion from the assembly, to finish up we left them with a letter writing task to send to the big supermarket of their choice, asking them to give their surplus food to charities like FoodCycle!

All in all, this was a hugely positive experience for everyone involved and definitely something that FoodCycle Bristol will be doing more of in the future. A fantastic way to get kids thinking about waste and their own behaviours and choices from an early age, soon enough it will be second nature to all of us! Check out some banana costume pics from the assembly bellow too:

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