“FoodCycle Bristol, The Movie”, and Media Coverage Galor!

It’s been a monumental fortnight for FoodCycle Bristol! From running a pop-up cafe in an empty shop front with live-music performances throughout the day, to catering lunch for 200 at the Bristol International Development Conference 2012, to giving an assembly and an afternoon of workshops to kids at Henleaze Junior School, to hosting our 2nd Birthday Carnival Chef Takeover with ethical food champion and chef Arthur Potts-Dawson, everything has been happening so quickly there hasn’t been time to keep up writing about it all!

Now the dust is settling we can get into telling you about all this great stuff, but so as not to bombard you all at once, we’ll space it out just a little bit and start off with some relaxed viewing/listening.

First up we have the online unveiling of a short film we recently completed about our dear project with the help of the Happy City initiative. Happy City gave two of our core team volunteers the chance to attend a fantastically well organised and useful course in two parts that would arm them with basic documentary film making and editing skills, and the camera equipment they needed to capture a beginners guide to FoodCycle Bristol. The aim of this part of the Happy City scheme is to give community, volunteer and charity groups the ability and means to communicate their work and messages through the medium of film to reach broader audiences.

This, as ever, is a work in progress with more elements sure to be added soon to cover the exciting work we are doing in new areas, but for now enjoy this 5 minute taster of what FoodCycle is all about:

Next up, a massive thank you has to go to Bristol University Press Office for pushing our 2nd Birthday event out to the media community in Bristol. We couldn’t have expected the response that we received and what a lever to raise our profile and make more people aware of the work we do and the reasons behind it!

Amy Hale, our hub coordinator was interviewed for Bristol’s favorite Ujima radio, a dream come true for many Bristol University students to make it onto those hallowed airwaves! But unfortunately the station doesn’t have a listen again function, so you’ll have to trust us that she was brilliant and represented like a true leader!

Matilda Long, one of our cooking managers was next to step up to the plate. She took BBC Radio Bristol’s Martin Evans back stage into the FoodCycle kitchen to reveal the joys of surplus food produce and the virtue of a bit of spice in your morning fruit salad. Have a listen while it’s still available, until Sunday March 18th, from just after the 50 minute mark! 

And finally, yesterday tea time, 6pm peak time viewing! ITV West ran a piece on food waste in the UK and put us right in the spotlight, linking our project with the new bill Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy has proposed to regulate the final use of surplus food produce in the retail chain. A camera crew came and filmed the food prep with Arthur Potts-Dawson last Wednesday, interviewing the man himself as well as FoodCycle team members!

Devastatingly, ITV West has already taken the watch again video down from its site! So soon?! The piece can’t be lost to the ITV archives, it even featured extracts from the Happy City film we made ourselves! So we are getting in touch with their office to try and get a clip sent over to us and we will post it up as soon as we can!

More posts, photos and stories from all the great stuff we’ve been getting on with to follow very soon. Hold tight until then!

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