FoodCycle Grow Garden at Easton Community Center

On Thursday FoodCycle met with the Bristol University SIFE team (Students In Free Enterprise) and students on the Shift Bristol Practical Sustainability Course to discuss plans to develop the disused garden space by Easton Community centre into a thriving hive of plant and community activity.

The students from Shift had already surveyed the space and drawn up some plans to make more welcoming and had compiled a list of plants that will grow in the areas of low-light such as the Fat Hen and some colourful Nasturtiums. They also had the idea to create some artistic signage to lead people from the community centre to the newly reinvented garden.

FoodCycle wants to create an area for a proper composting facility to use up all their food waste from the Sunday Community kitchen, which could also be used in the week by the In the Mix café. There are also plans to grow a delicious selection of herbs and salad leaves to use in the kitchen.

These plans will see the area integrated into the community kitchen as a place for food and growing education with workshops for children. This all fits in nicely with SIFE’s aim to get a single parents group involved in helping with the project as an activity to do with their kids.

Once preliminary bits and pieces are done there will be a date set for a work day which will be along the lines of a mini ‘recycle’ festival with lots of things to do and make as well as the opportunity to help out with the garden project and eat some delicious FoodCycle grub! We will keep you updated on the development of this exciting new project and when you can be there to plant the first seeds….


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