The Big Issue for 2012

As we move into the new year, looking back at 2011 and to what 2012 has in store, it is inspiring to see discussion and activity around food issues on the increase and thriving.

A report from communications company JWT lists “Food As The New Eco-Issue” as one of its 10 key trends for the year to come, saying “The environmental impact of our food choices will become a more prominent concern as stakeholders – brands, governments and activist organisations – drive awareness around the issue and rethink what kind of food is sold and how it’s made. As more regions battle with food shortages and/or spiking costs, smarter practices around food will join the stable of green best practices.”

“Cleaning Up London’s Leftovers” – the front cover article in the most recent issue of ethical eating magazine The Jellied Eel featuring champion food waste activist, author of landmark food waste expose WASTE, and previous guest speaker at FoodCycle Bristol Student Restaurant, Tristram Stuart, describes food waste as London’s unlikely latest intrigue, “whether it’s several tonnes of wonky fruit and veg being cooked up in Trafalgar Square, your local eatery offering up a ‘doggy box’ for leftovers, a growing band of temporary food-waste restaurants ‘popping up’ around town, or the Michelin-starred fine dining establishment turning its food scraps into art installations, this autumn you might find it difficult to get away from the stuff.”

Around the country outside of the capital, exciting initiatives are continuing their mission and new projects are just getting started, from surplus food feasting in Wales to radical vegetable planting in un-used community spaces in Lancashire, there is a genuine sense of movement afoot.

So, as FoodCycle Bristol works to build on the achievements of last year that saw communities coming together around thousands of meals served from excess produce, over the coming weeks this blog will introduce some of the ground breaking food projects going on in the UK that are making things happen in 2012, and of course more on what we’re doing in the South West to make things happen too.


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