FoodCycle Christmas Meal – One of the Best Yet!

Last Sunday, FoodCycle Bristol held a special Christmas meal. With the help of funding from VInspired and the hard work of Tom Sanchez – an ex-Bristol student – a whole array of unusual and wonderful ingredients were thrown into the tried-and-tested FoodCycle Bristol recipe.

Kicking off earlier than usual, there were Christmas decoration and card workshops upstairs. The kids loved it, as did the grown-ups!

Food was served at 2:30pm, and between courses we had the pleasure of music from a variety of artists kindly giving their time up on a Sunday to keep us entertained.

We packed more people than ever before in – overflowing into a bigger room normally unused. It was fantastic to see new faces there, and a real sense of enjoyment was palpable. We look forward to seeing many diners again in the future!

All this was achieved with an even-larger-than-usual effort from FoodCycle Bristol volunteers, who worked very hard to make this happen. Thanks to them, to Easton Community Centre, to all those that came to eat, play, and help.

Merry Christmas!

(FoodCycle is running this coming Sunday (18th December), and then returns after a Christmas break on 8th January).


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