People and Planet hosted our last Student Restaurant, and here’s the latest recipe from the night…

  Upside-down mango cake


For the topping:




For the cake mixture:


Self raising flour



Baking powder

For the base

  • Cream together the butter and the sugar (by mixing it thoroughly for about 10 mins)
  • Spread over the bottom of your cake tin/baking tray (and a little up the side)
  • Skin and finely slice the mangoes (remove stone in middle)
  • Layer mangoes over the butter/sugar base of the baking tin

For the cake mixture

  • Beat together the margarine and sugar.
  • Add the eggs and continue beating
  • Add the self-raising flour, a spoonful at a time
  • Add the baking powder
  • Spoon baking mixture on top of the ‘topping’
  • Cook until a skewer is clean when the cake is prodded (around an hour depending on size of cake!)

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