So we kicked off our Chef Campaign and celebrated FoodCycle Bristol’s 1st birthday with a great night!

Two brilliant chefs cooked for us on the night, from Jamie’s Italian on the Triangle and Zazu’s kitchen on Jamaica Street. Leek and potato soup with watercress pesto was followed by a vegetable stew of carrot, jerusalem artichoke and potato, with salad and red cabbage, and finally a banana bread and butter pudding (recipes to follow….).

Tristram Stuart gave a revealing speech about food waste, reminding us why we were all there, and the night finished with some talented performances on the open mic (special mention goes to Max Gershfield and his rap skills).

Plus we made £530 – so a great success!


1st birthday cakes…

Our amazing waitresses!


Delicious main…


Perks of the job…


If you want to check out some more photos, click here:

So we’d just like to say a final thankyou to all our volunteers. It couldn’t have happened without you!

And watch out for the next Chef Takeover everyone. The campaign continues…



  1. keep up the great work, looks amazing, and way to show FoodCycle all across the country what is possible when you put your heads together.

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