Leek and potato soup with watercress pesto Ingredients: For the soup: (serves 4) 2 large potatoes (cubed) 4 large leeks (thinly sliced) 1 large white onion (chopped) 10 fl Oz milk vegetable stock butter For the pesto: watercress pine nuts olive oil garlic salt pepper parmesan (optional) Instructions: Put the potatoes, leeks and onion in…… Continue reading # RECIPE 3


Guest post from Fairtrade society who hosted a fortnight ago…. Hello there! Fairtrade Society were delighted to host Student Restaurant on the 2nd of March, the first Wednesday in Fairtrade Fortnight; we hope they enjoyed having us! Fairtrade is principally about Justice, trying to restore dignity, hope and quality of life to producers, who have…… Continue reading FAIRTRADE


Here’s our recipe from last weeks Student Restaurant: MUSHROOM BRUSCHETTA A lot of mushroom A lot of garlic A bit of onion Seasoning Balsamic vinegar Baguette/bread A bit of rocket Preparation time 5-10mins Toast baguette/bread Sautee mushrooms in butter/marg/oil in pan with onions and garlic Season and add balsamic vinegar to taste Blend with a…… Continue reading # RECIPE 2


Here’s the first installment of our recipe feature. After every Student Restaurant we’ll be posting here one recipe of the three courses that was particularly delicious…. this week: APPLE AND PEAR OATY CRUMBLE -Make a fruit compote by heating slowly on the hob slices of peeled apples and pears. -Add sugar and cinnamon and a little bit…… Continue reading # RECIPE 1