First things first…

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new STUDENT RESTAURANT blog for Bristol FoodCycle. We hope to fill this page with all the interesting goings-on at our fortnightly Student Restaurant event, as well as keeping you informed with whats coming up next.

So firstly, what do FoodCycle and Student Restaurant do? By collecting left over food from supermarkets and independent stores (that would otherwise be senselessly thrown away) our lovely volunteers cook up a three course meal for anyone who’d like to partake, every weekend at the Easton Community Centre. The same extravaganza of cooking takes place at the Student Restaurant every other Wednesday, charging only £3 a meal. Our aim is to create nutritious meals from leftover food for those in need in the community, supported by the Student Restaurant.

Not only does the SR raise funds for our weekend project, but it is a space to share ideas on ethical and sustainable living. We regularly feature the student food co-op, a library space, and a clothes mending area, as well as collaborating each night with a fellow student project.

Exciting things are yet to come, so keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to and what’s in store, and we hope to see you one Wednesday night!

Love FoodCycle     x


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