Welcome to FoodCycle Bristol

“Putting the Cycle in FoodCycle”

We’re part of a national charity that focusses on nourishing and uniting communities. The way we do this is by collecting surplus fruit, veg and other ingredients from local food retailers. Our amazing team of cycling volunteers do this every Saturday before the meal. Once we’ve got the food, our team of volunteers cook and serve a healthy three-course meal to our guests. We do this every week at Barton Hill Settlement, and our meals are free. 

Every year food retailers throw out millions of tonnes of edible food. This significantly impacts on our environment – it’s also happening at a time when a growing number of people are relying on food banks and projects like ours.  As well as this, there are more reported cases of loneliness among people of all ages and backgrounds. Our meals are a place where people can eat tasty food, make new friends and help us to tackle the ongoing challenge of fighting food waste.


To get involved, or to find out more, please get in touch at bristol@foodcycle.org.uk

You can also learn more about FoodCycle here. 


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